Distribution: A single species confined to islands of Mahe, Silhouette & Praslin in the Seychelles
LPG Area: Seychelles Court, Manila Drive, Singapore Drive
Close Relatives: Phoenicophorium, Roscheria & Nephrosperma
Comments: The most remarkable feature about this palm is probably the numerous stiltroots, which can be up to 6-7 ft in length.
Smaller individuals tend to have plenty of spines on the stem, but a trunk on a taller individual is almost clean.
Growing Comments: One of the several unique palms from the Seychelles, Verschaffeltia splendida is a true tropical palm that has little, if any, cold tolerance. It is possibly the most spectacular as a small individual, up to about 10-15 ft in height, when the fronds are still completely undivided. When it gets taller than that, the fronds tend to split naturally and exposure to wind will add to this. The new fronds typically open up with a light rose color and then gradually turn green over 10-14 days.
This is a relatively fast grower, rating about a 6.5 on a 1-10 scale.