Distribution: Approximately 5 species native to east Malesia (distinguish from Malaysia), the Solomon Islands, New Hebrides, Samoa, Fiji & the Carolines
LPG Area: Metroxylon Avenue, Tongan Drive, Polynesian Circle
A.k.a.: True Sago palm, ivory nut palm, sagu, rumbia
Growing Comments: All Metroxylon palms are large & impressive & all except M. amicarum will die after they produce flowers & fruit. They actually prefer swampy conditions, but still are excellent growers in our garden, where drainage is excellent. These are all relatively fast growers & two of our largest M. amicarum have grown from about one foot overall height to about 25 ft overall height in seven years, but no trunk yet. Growth rate is about a 6.0-7.0 on a scale of 1-10.