Distribution: 2 species endemic to northeastern Madagascar
LPG Area: Madagascar Drive, Masoala Trail & Pemba Path
Growing Comments: An amazing & spectacular palm. M. darianii was only found in the wild in Madagascar in 1983 by Dr. Mardy Darian. With its large upright & almost entire fronds it is one of our most unique palms. It needs shade when young, but will tolerate some sun when taller. Marojejya palms will thrive in a warm & wet environment & even though they apparently do have some cold tolerance, a tropical climate is probably a must in order for these palms to grow to their full potential.
A moderately fast grower, it rates a 5.0 on a 1-10 scale. M. insignis is slower at about 3.0.
This is a very interesting genus & apparently there may be a third, yet to be described, species.