Distribution: 1 species in the Seychelles Islands
LPG Area: Metroxylon Avenue
A.k.a.: Coco-de-Mer or double coconut
Growing Comments: Lodoicea maldivica must be among the most spectacular & sought after of all palms. Our three individuals were all planted as seeds, directly in the ground in November 1999. The first one sprouted in January 2001 & the other two in April 2001. Since then they have opened up a new frond approximately once every 10-12 months.
Each frond is somewhat larger than the previous one. In order to get viable seeds, both a male & a female plant are needed & it could take 35-40 years before you know! Growth rate is about a 3.0-3.5 on a 1-10 scale.


"De Armand Hull, a nursery man in South Florida, toured our garden in July 1999 & went to the Seychelles in September 1999, specifically to buy Lodoicea seeds. We bought three seeds, which arrived in November 1999 & were promptly planted in 6 ft deep holes that had been filled with straight black volcanic cinder."
Bo-Göran Lundkvist