Distribution: 8 species; C. renda (a.k.a. C. lakka) in peninsular Malaysia, south Thailand, Sumatra & Borneo; all other species in New Guinea & Melanesia
LPG Area: Pacific Drive, Polynesian Circle, Borneo Trail, Nia's Garden, Taveuni Trail, New Guinea Place
A.k.a.: Sealing wax palm, pinang rajab (C. renda)
Growing Comments: Cyrtostachys palms like heat, full sun exposure & plenty of rain. On a 1-10 scale, growth rate is about a 3.5-4.0 for C. renda. None have produced flowers yet, despite being 25 ft tall or so. This is possibly due to lack of heat. Cyrtostachys renda will not survive below approximately 50° F, so the highest elevation on the Big Island where it can be grown is probably around 3000 ft. But, it also thrives in hot weather with plenty ofrain so anywhere above 1500 ft or so it will be very slow.