Distribution: 8 recognized species ranging from Southern India & Sri Lanka to the Bay of Bengal & Indochina
LPG Area: Pacific Drive, Metroxylon Avenue, Polynesian Circle, New Guinea Place
A.k.a.: Gebang (C. utan), talipot (C. umbraculifera)
Growing Comments: All Corypha palms seem to be extremely slow as seedlings, & then after a couple of years they pick up a little bit of speed, even though they can certainly never be described as fast! All Corypha palms die after they flower, but this can take 35-45 years. When they, after many years, do provide an inflorescence, this is an absolutely stunning & incredibly large structure, which will tower over the dying palm which does not look very attractive at this point. We have C. lecomtei, C. umbraculifera & C. utan in our garden & they would all rate at about 2.5-3.5 on a scale of 1-10. Our one sincle C. utan has been the fastest, growing from about one foot overall height to about 10-12 ft in 9 years.