Distribution: 13 species from the Bonin & Caroline Islands to Samoa, Fiji Island, New Hebrides (Banks Group), the Solomon Islands & New Ireland
LPG Area: Pacific Drive, Sumatra Trail, Borneo Trail, Taveuni Trail, Bali Walk, Nia's Garden, Tongan Drive, Metroxylon Avenue, Polynesian Circle
Growing Comments: Clinostigmas, being rainforest palms, love our environment and do extremely well. C. savoryanum is the smallest & slowest, probably about a 4.5 on a 1-10 scale. C. harlandii & C. exorrhizum are about a 6.0-6.5 & C. ponapense & C. samoense are very close at about 7.0-7.5.
Clinostigma samoense is a tall, very elegant, palm from Samoa. It will reach a total height of about 60-65 ft with a long, keylime colored crownshaft, and very long drooping fronds. The crownshaft is the part of the palm just above the darker green trunk, and just below the crown. All Clinostigma palms are single-trunked and fast growers. A Clinostigma samoense will grow from a height of 5-6 ft to 20-25 ft in about 5 years.