Distribution: 7 species recognized in Africa, Madagascar, NE Arabia, thru India & SE Asia to New Guinea & Australia
LPG Area: Polynesian Circle
A.k.a.: Toddy or wine palm, lontar
Growing Comments: A massive palm that grows in stands in open areas in Thailand & other countries in SE Asia, Borassus flabellifer does very well in our garden, even though it is certainly not a very fast growing palm. It rates about a 3.0 on a scale of 1-10.


"In places like Thailand they use the trunk for construction purposes, the fronds for thatching of roofs out in the countryside & the fruit is edible. When we were in Thailand in 1998 for the IPS Biennial, we ate some sort of cake that was baked from the Borassus fruit."
- Bo-Göran Lundkvist, 2007